Help! I Don’t Qualify For Legal Aid But Can’t Afford A Private Lawyer!

It is not uncommon for a situation to arise whereby one party to Family Law proceedings is unable to qualify for a grant of Legal Aid funding but also cannot quite afford the ‘concierge’ service of a private lawyer.

If you fall into this grey zone, it can feel like you are trapped in limbo with nowhere to go.

This is where we come in!

At Accelerate Family Law, rather than locking our clients in to long-term retainers and requesting significant funds in trust, we provide discreet assistance at low cost that allows you to take control of your Family Law matter; we’re specifically geared to supporting parties who want to run their own Family Law case.

Indeed, as outlined in our previous article ‘Representing Yourself In Family Law’, you are able to represent yourself in all matters in Family Law, whether parenting or property related – and it is more common than you might think!

Representing Yourself In Family Law

Representing Yourself In Family Law

Can I represent myself in Family Law?

Absolutely. You are entitled to represent yourself in all matters in Family Law.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I represent myself?

Not necessarily. The reality is that not everyone can afford a Family Lawyer. For those who are also unable to secure a lawyer through Legal Aid, the only option sometimes is to self-represent.

As a result, there are now a number of resources and initiatives which have been developed and are readily available to assist those who are in the position of representing themselves.

Similarly, for those who find themselves in the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court (or Family Court of Western Australia), the courts are not unfamiliar with the challenges of being self-represented and so are able to provide some direction and guidance as may be necessary.